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250 years ago
Sally can trace her female line back almost 250 years to Elizabeth Spooner, her 4x great grandmother, who married in 1788 and brought up her children in Wighton, Norfolk, see below, or her mother sarah ward. Sally's female line remained in this corner of Norfolk until the last quarter of the 20th century when she left for Greater Manchester.

[Norfolk, East Anglia, England]

  • Sarah Ward Descendant Tree

  • - Sarah's outline descendant tree in txt format includes Sally's female line, see above.

    We imagine that Elizabeth Spooner must have married a cousin, in John Spooner, in 1788 in Wighton, Norfolk. His family appears to have come from Wells next Sea but we are less certain over her parents. They look to be Thomas Spooner & Sarah Ward who married almost 30 miles away in Dilham in 1764, but we haven't found the baptism of either Sarah Ward or Thomas Spooner. Several of Elizabeth Spooner's daughters, including Sally's direct ancestor Hannah, were baptised in nearby Warham.


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