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Key ancestry in East Anglia in England[ENG] (Cambridgeshire[CAM], Essex[ESX], Suffolk[SFK] & Norfolk[NFK]) and Meath[MEA], Longford[LOG], Wicklow[WIC] & Dublin[DUB] in Ireland[IRL], but also elsewhere in England. NB Question marks (?) indicate dodgy entries involving more than the usual amount of guesswork. Abbreviations - click here. Surname interests include French & Teeling and Kemp, Milward, Norman, Scott, Softly/Softley & Wagg. Genealogical Exchange: for further information, corrections and connections: Email Chris at I may have further information not recorded on the web site. Thankyou to the many people who have helped, apologies to those I have not credited. Click on HOME to restore the frame and left index.


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Beginning in the centre with Chris & Sally's, the above diagram shows the 16 surnames of our ancestors over four generations and provides an index to this page. Click on the FRENCH & TEELING coloured areas to reveal outline descendant trees of our most distant ancestors (further details available on other pages, see top menu), or click other 14 surnames' coloured areas to jump to discussion of these including links to the descendant trees including our respective great great grandparents. The years in red (if included) indicate the approximate dates that we have been able to trace these surnames back to in early 2010. CLICK HERE to reveal PDF with the people behind the above, an ancestor fan chart over 6 generations, with full names and brief dates. Go to "Direct Ancestor Roots" on the top menu, far left, to find the roots of all these lines and others for our family tree or just CLICK HERE

In Britain in 2007 it was said that 210,000 people are reported missing each year, a figure that had risen to maybe 275,000 by 2009 (says Missing People, the charity). According to The Independent on Sunday of 11-Oct-2009 "The vast majority are swiftly found, or return of their own volition, but many don't. Some disappear for decades, and sources, including some inside the police, say the number of people in Britain who have been missing from family, friends and usual haunts for more than a year is at least 16,000 and could be as many as 20,000. ... At any one time, there are an estimated 1,000 unidentified bodies lying in the country's mortuaries and hospitals. Many have been there for years – unknown, unclaimed citizens. ... Children make up the bulk of the missing persons reports in Britain. But, as teenagers who stay out a night or two from their care or foster home, or who sleep on a friend's sofa to cool down after a row with a parent, they are also likely to be the cases that are resolved within a few days." With a population of 60 million, this means that amost one in 200 disappear annually, although longer term this is perhaps one in 3,000. Perhaps then it is not so surprising when we come up against brick walls in our genealogical research, even in recent times. Some of these difficulties are highlighted in 4 lines listed at the very top (two female mtDNA, FRENCH, and TEELING) and 14 below here. See Direct Ancestor Roots page for the ancestors of these cousins.


  • Descendant Tree of Christopher NORMAN (mid 16th century)

  • - outline descendant tree of Christopher Norman in Roborough by Torrington, Devon. Is Christopher the most distant Norman in the ancestral male line of Chris's mother? A coincidence, him having the same names as Chris!

  • NORMAN Surname DNA Project

  • - Y-DNA Project for male NORMANs with origins in the US and British Isles (of course, Chris doesn't qualify)

  • NORMAN Niggles

  • - What happened to Chris's great aunt?

    Click here for index chart at top.


  • Descendant Tree of Henry SCOTT (ca 1792-1846)

  • - outline descendant tree of Henry Scott.

  • SCOTT FamilyTreeDNA Project

  • - Y-DNA Project for male SCOTTs (of course, Chris doesn't qualify)

  • Struggling with the SCOTTs & THOROGOODs

  • - What happened to Frederick Scott in Victorian London and John Anderson in the 1900s? And Mary Ann Scott/Thorogood - a mystery solved.

    Click here for index chart at top.


  • Descendant Tree of Charles Milward (early 18th century)

  • - outline descendant of the Milwards.

  • Messing with the MILWARDs

  • - including William Milward (ca 1781-1949) the schoolteacher on the Chatsworth Estate and Aaron Milwards (plural).

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  • Descendant Tree of William Softley (born ca 1764)

  • - descendant tree of William Softley and Jane Rix (born ca 1768) in Docking, Norfolk.


  • - Softley images

    Click here for index chart at top.


  • Descendant Tree of John WEGG (ca 1696-1760)

  • - outline descendant tree of John Wegg in Sedgeford, Norfolk.

  • Vivian Egan's One Name Study

  • - Vivian Egan's superb World Wide W*GG*, One Name Study pages for a broad, detailed view of Waggs, Weggs, Wiggs etc.

  • WAGG Wondering

  • - Why no army record for John Wagg in 1803-1814 and no birth certificate for Henry Wagg in 1862? And where did our Waggs (then Wegg or Wigg) come from before John first married in Sedgeford in 1712?

    Click here for index chart at top.


  • Descendant Tree of John KEMP (ca 1787-1849)

  • - outline descendant tree of John Kemp & Rose Mary Mitchell (1795-1849) in Hunstanton, Norfolk.

  • KEMPs Can't

  • - Kemp images

    Click here for index chart at top.


  • Descendant Tree of Bernard McLoughlin (born ca 1816 in Longford, Ireland)

  • Descendant tree of Bernard McLoughlin & Margaret Langan, early 1800s, County Longford, Ireland).


  • What happened to Sally's great great grandparents Peter & Mary (née Frain,) McLoughlin? And two of their chidren Mary & Alice McLoughlin, Sally's great great aunts?

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  • Descendant Tree of Simon Cademy (ca 1789-1870)

  • Descendant tree of Simon Cademy & Mary Jeckell (ca 1780-1851) in Holt, Norfolk.


  • Our Cademy's go back no further than Holt in Norfolk in 1789 although one of them married a Chilvers with a line going back to the 16th century.

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  • Descendant Tree of Thomas Ransome (ca 1747- ca 1823)

  • Descendant tree of Thomas Ransome & Dinah Miles (ca 1753-1847) in Great Bircham, Norfolk.


  • The Ransomes are a farming line in north west Norfolk.

    Click here for index chart at top.


  • Descendant Tree of George Mann (ca 1799-1883)

  • Descendant tree of George Mann & Maria Ritches (ca 1827-1889) in Dersingham, Norfolk.


  • We have not been able to trace the Manns back before the 1800s. Shepherding may have been in the blood.

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  • Descendant Tree of John Datson in the early 1700s

  • Descendant tree of John Datson, born East Malling, Kent at end of the 1600s.


  • Our Dadsons lived in Yalding in Kent for 200 years from the early 1700s to the early 1800s.

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  • Descendant Tree of George Spall (1786-1840)

  • Descendant tree of George Spall & Martha Harrald (ca 1795 - 1855) Bury Saint Edmunds.


  • The Spalls were into art and painting.

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  • Descendant Tree of John Ralph (ca 1787-1856)

  • Descendant tree of John Ralph & Hannah Bennett (ca 1793 - 1868) Benhall, Suffolk.


  • The Ralphs were a Suffolk family, the most recent was born a Baker but known as a Ralph by the time she married.

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  • Descendant Tree of Daniel Dunmore (ca 1780-1836)

  • Descendant tree of Daniel Dunmore & Mary Rayment (ca 1783-1862) in Winwick. Huntingdonshire.


  • The Dunmores hail from Huntingdonshire.

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    French family and a fowl deed in the early 1800s -->


  • Graham's Ancestors

  • 72 Generation Hourglass Tree for Graham

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